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COVOID mission is to empower communities in Uganda with innovative solutions that give children and women an opportunity to realize their rights to full potential through livelihood security, Research, advocacy, health promotion, education, gender equality, promotion of Human rights
COVOID envisages a Uganda where Communities are empowered to provide for the rights of Children and Women.

Based on the objective of social-economic empowerment of Households, the project also majorly focused on youth by training them in different vocational skills such as tailoring, carpentry, salon and hair dressing, knitting, shoe making, welding, mushroom production and others and over all 552 youth were trained in all districts.

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Posted on Dec. 12, 18

The youth were able to contribute totheir households’ income and this in a way contributed to poverty reduction in the households leading to improved standard of living.

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Posted on Dec. 13, 18
Who we are
Community Volunteer Initiative for Development (COVOID) is a national indigenous child focused NGO which started in April 2003 and registered with the Uganda Government (Ministry of Internal Affairs) registration no. S.5914/6699.
COVOID derives its mandate from UNCRC (1989) and CEDAW and we promote the implementation and operationalization of the of both UNCRC and CEDAW. COVOID also supplements the Uganda Government to realize United Nations Sustainable Development Goals mainly 1,2,3,4,5 6,7. 8,13 , 15. (Agenda 2030 for sustainable development)

Gender equality and human rights by empowering women and girls to realize their rights to full potential. Our focus areas are: prevention of GBV, Child Protection, Youth and Child Participation Rights in Development.
Our core focus heath areas are: RMNACH (Reproductive Maternal, Newborn and Child Health), HIV and AIDS, SMC and Nutrition.

The sector aims at supplementing government efforts through the Ministry of Education and related structures in fostering inclusive and equitable quality education including vocational skills and enterprise development for children and youth

The sector focuses at strengthening households and community’s capacities to adapt to environmental change and climate variability through coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders
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