Our Programs

Livelihood          Security (Socio-Economic strenthening and Food Security), Social Protection (Gender equality and Chld Protection), Health Protection (HIV/AIDS), Climate change and Disaster risk reduction

Climate change and Disaster risk reduction

The sector focuses at strengthening households and community’s capacities to adapt to environmental change and climate variability through coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders
Livelihood Security
COVOID under her Socio-Economic Strengthening has implemented a portfolio of strategies and interventions that supply to protect and grow physical, natural, financial, human and social assets, by supporting vulnerable children and their households to improve their socio-economic status using three main strategies to protect and grow their asset base namely; 1) increasing household financial resources, 2) increasing socio-economic skill base and 3) facilitating market inclusion. The activities that the organisation has implemented include (strategy 1) establishment of and support to village savings and loans associations and linkage to formal financial institutions for other financial services. (Strategy 2) Provide market oriented skills development through financial literacy training, IGA selection, planning and management (SPM), Vocational skills training using apprenticeship model to reduce youth unemployment by increasing technical and vocational skills of youth. (Strategy 3) development of enterprises and market opportunities using value chain development approaches and cottage trades.

Health Promotion
Our core focus areas under health: (Reproductive Health, Maternal Newborn and Child Health), HIV and AIDS, SMC and Nutrition.
Social Protection
Gender equality and human rights by empowering women and girls to realize their rights to full potential. Our focus areas are: prevention of GBV, Child Protection, Youth and Child Participation Rights in Development.
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